Welcome to Lettuce Lunch, a blog about my life, the food I eat and the things that inspire me.  

About me – I’m 45, supermom to 3 children plus an adorable wheaten terrier.  Rockstar wife to husband of 18 great years.  Lover of fashion, beauty (I say “yes” to botox!), friendship, good clean food, wine!!! health and wellness, Jesus, meditation, technology, and did I mention wine?

I feel it is so important to connect with self, others, God and nature.

My obsessions – peanut butter, lip gloss, all things created by Apple, succulents.

Things that bug me – rudeness, profanity, liter bugs, people who think the rules don’t apply to them,  the Kardashians, slippage (you busty gals know what I’m talking about).

Things I’d like to master – folding fitted sheets, trimming my cuticles, sculpting and pottery, gardening.



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